How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats w/ Perfect Plantista's Houseplant Insecticide

Zackry Brannen

Fungus gnats, small fly-like pests, can quickly and easily become a pain for any plant parent, expert or beginner. Although adult gnats do not harm plants, their larvae feed on plant roots, impeding growth and potentially leading to yellowing leaves, wilting, and poor growth. Perfect Plantista's Houseplant Insecticide (neem oil spray), regarded as "the best bug spray for indoor plants," is here to restore the happiness and health of your houseplant collection and get rid of those fungus gnats- guaranteed.

  1. Identifying Fungus Gnats: Fungus gnats are tiny, dark insects that resemble mosquitoes. They are often seen flying around the soil surface of your plants or near windows.
  2. Spray the Top of the Soil: Begin by generously spraying the top layer of the soil where fungus gnat larvae reside. Ensure you evenly distribute the spray across the soil surface.
  3. Spray the Drainage Holes: Don't forget to spray the drainage holes as fungus gnats often hide and reproduce in these areas.
  4. Repeat Daily: Consistency is crucial when dealing with fungus gnats. Repeat the process every day until you no longer see any signs of these pests. For best results, be sure to also apply immediately after watering. This allows the insecticide to seep into the soil and eliminate more larvae while repelling adult fungus gnats from laying more eggs.


    Our Houseplant Insecticide, made from neem oil, is a natural bug spray for plants that is both effective and safe for your houseplants. With Perfect Plantista, you can ensure that your plant collection stays lush, thriving, and free from the damage caused by fungus gnats.