Houseplant Pest Spray

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Now reformulated for enhanced efficacy and compatibility, our Houseplant Pest Spray is guaranteed to get rid of the most common houseplant pests while remaining naturally-based and non-toxic to humans.

Use it to get rid of:

  • Spider Mites
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Mealybugs
  • Aphids
  • Thrips
  • Scale
  • Whiteflies

Our reformulation now includes the robust power of Thyme Oil, strong Cinnamon Bark Oil, and the invigorating freshness of Peppermint Oil.

Thyme Oil is a broad-spectrum insecticide, repellent, and fungicide, taking on qualities similar to neem oil. However, thyme oil is more beneficial in the manner that it is much more potent and able to eliminate more pests immediately in one application than standalone neem oil.

Cinnamon Bark Oil is also broad-spectrum. In addition to giving our pest spray its signature cinnamon smell, it acts as a fungicide and repellent, eliminating common houseplant pests on contact.

Peppermint Oil is a strong repellent and can also eliminate pests on contact.

In addition to eliminating all your pests, our pest spray will condition your plants against future infestations while strengthening and shining the foliage for Happier, Healthier Houseplants.

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How to use:

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Frequently asked questions

Over 10,000+ customers have found success with all sorts of pests and diseases, ranging from:
Fungus gnats, Mealybugs, Spider Mites, Thrips, Scale, Aphids, Whiteflies, Rust, and various Fungi.

Cinnamon bark oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil can be toxic to your pets if ingested. Our pest spray dilutes these oils to create a safe formula, allowing you to use it in your house with your pets around*. Just be sure to keep them away during application until your foliage is dry. 

*It is your responsibility to ensure your pets’ safety, so please be sure to research our ingredients if you’re concerned about your pets ingesting our insecticide. Birds are notoriously sensitive to strong smells, so be sure to put them in a separate room with a closed door.

Our Houseplant Pest Spray is safe to use on all houseplants ranging from succulents to tropical plants; you can't over-do it. If you're concerned about any of your plants, reassure yourself by testing it on a hidden portion of your plant and allowing it to dry. If you ever notice residue, wipe away with a Pest-Spray-soaked paper towel.

Because of our unique mixture and manufacturing processes, our oils are evenly emulsified throughout the formula, ensuring perfect coverage for Perfect Plantistas.

One 8oz bottle will fully douse the foliage, stems, and soil for 12 lush plants in 6" pots with some left to spare.

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