Houseplant Insecticide Concentrate

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This 4oz bottle of our Houseplant Insecticide Concentrate makes 16 of our 8oz bottles of our Houseplant Insecticide (equivalent to 1 gallon of insecticide), valued at over $319. That's nearly 70% off compared to buying individual bottles, not to mention free shipping!

Simply follow the measuring instructions on the box to drop the proper amount of concentrate into your bottle of choice. Then, fill your container half full with distilled water, cap the container off, and shake like your life depends on it. Fill the bottle up to the shoulder (the rest of the way) and shake some more. Once that's done, apply like you would using our 8oz bottle of insecticide! Watch the video to see it in action.

By purchasing our concentrate, you acknowledge that you have tried our 8oz bottles and are satisfied with the results. We will not accept refunds or returns on this product. All sales are final.

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